Shed Add-Ons

Windows $95 each*
Shutters $35 a pair
Screens $35 each
Flower Boxes $35 each
Shelves 12" wide per foot $4.50
Level over 8" up to 12" $120
Loft Decked per sq. foot $6.00
Treated 4x3 solid ramp $95
Treated 5x3 solid ramp $105
Treated 2x6 solid floor $2.50 per sq. foot
Roof Vent $50
6x6 Garage Door $500
Concrete post 42" deep per quote
Concrete Slab only 4" deep per quote
Digout top soul for slab per quote
Gravel Base for slab per quote
Cedar 8" Shake Roof (Alpine and Malibu) per quote
Mildew Barrier (House Rap) $1.65 per sq. foot
X-tra Wall Height Fir Siding $6.00 per sq. foot
X-tra Wall Height Cedar Siding $9.10 per sq. foot
Skylight- 2'x4' $205
Skylight- 2'x2' $150
Ground Anchors (set of 4) $110
Upgrade to 5/8" plywood roofing $1.00 per sq. foot
Architectural shingle upgrade $3.50 per sq. foot
Cedar 8" lap siding upgrade $4.25 per sq. foot
Sidewall roof overhangs - eaves $180 for the Malibu only
Extra large windows 25x42 $190.00

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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